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The Jared Dyson Show

Aug 28, 2020

Across America, conservatives are learning that the current images of our great nation are not what we have become accustomed to. No longer is it safe to have or share your opinion, because you will be labeled, threatened, or even worse, physically attacked. In Kenosha, a man was shot by police and people, who had absolutely nothing to do with it, are suffering. The media and left are peddling their lies, while more people are dying. People are losing their livelihood and their dreams. 

In Washington DC, patrons at a restaurant were berated and verbally abused by Black Lives Matter protestors for refusing to raise their fist. Did they do anything wrong? Absolutely not. Did they abuse, misuse, mistreat, or do anything to disrespect anyone? Absolutely not. The problem is that they did not agree with what the BLM protesters wanted them to. 

The left says that this is a nation of ideas, dreams, different opinions. But is it anymore? Is this a nation where it is safe to have an opinion that may no longer be popular? If you do not support their opinions, you are a racist, a bigot, a white supremacist, or any other name that they want to refer to you as. 

It's also coming as they attack Christianity. Just this week, Vice President Mike Pence was called a hypocrite for supporting Donald Trump as a Christian. Can a Christian support Trump? Absolutely. It does not mean that they are saying Trump is perfect. They are saying they realize he is human, but that the wickedness of the left is much, much worse. 

What is becoming evident is that it is no longer safe to be a conservative in America anymore. If you want to share your opinion, you better be careful, watch your back, and make sure you are prepared to protect yourself. 

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