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The Jared Dyson Show

Oct 7, 2020

Over the past year and a half, the American people have heard repeatedly that President Trump is a racist. All the while, everyone ignores statements by Joe Biden. In the last couple of days, he has continued his statements, and the truth cannot be ignored. Joe Biden is a racist. 

In the past few days, he said that the way people have survived the COVID quarantines was due to black women stocking store shelves. Apparently, you are not black if you do not vote for Joe Biden, and you are not a black female unless you are stocking store shelves. 

This shouldn't surprise us, though. Biden has been racist from the beginning. Kamala Harris called him out on this in the primary campaign regarding his stance on busing. He has insulted journalists of color. He even said that "poor kids are just as smart as white kids." 

Joe Biden is a white supremacist and a racist. Yet, the mainstream media and the Democrats keep ignoring it. It's not unlike the Democrats to ignore corruption. They are experts at it. 

Take the new revelations in the Russia hoax. This is not hearsay anymore. This is not fake news or suggestions. The evidence is that the former President, Barack Obama, was briefed on a hoax to frame President Trump into a relationship with Russia. That he was working with them to influence the election. 

It was an elaborate plan by the Clinton campaign, in coordination with the DNC. The Obama administration was in on it, the administration that included Joe Biden. James Comey, Susan Rice, and many others were involved. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff also come to mind. It was a giant setup and collusion. 

James Comey and Peter Strozk used the information to attack an incoming presidential campaign. They used it to spy on them. At the same time, the left wants to say that President Trump is a liar and cannot tell the truth. The truth is, the Democrats have been lying for four years. The media has been spreading propaganda for four years about Trump. 

While they want to ignore the corruption and the racism, we must point it out, and we must do our duty. We must vote against them and their lies and agenda. We must show them that Americans still love this country, despite the Democrats trying to destroy it. 

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