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The Jared Dyson Show

Oct 5, 2020

Over the weekend, we continued to learn more about President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis. We also continued to see the mainstream media show their true colors. Some outlets almost celebrated the diagnosis, while others saw an opportunity to spread misinformation.

For example, some suggested that Trump should be removed from the ballot. That came courtesy of The New York Times. Others, suggested that the 25th Amendment should be invoked, removing Trump from office. Still others said that President Trump was receiving karma and deserved to die. One Texas State Rep. said that Trump could not go to jail if he would just go ahead and die. 

The media hates President Trump so much, they simply want to get rid of him any way they can. They do not care if it is by death, impeachment, Constitutional Amendment, election, or any way possible. They simply want him out of office. 

As President Trump recovers, it will be interesting to see what the media does. Joe Biden has postponed campaign ads. While some on the left want him to get ugly and say this is Trump’s fault, he took a different route. So while he is staying in his basement and the media has to change their programming due to a lack of Trump statements and rallies, how will this change the election? 

It is a time for our nation to pray for our leaders. We have a serious pandemic that makes people sick. We need to pray for President Trump, our national leaders, and all Americans who are suffering from this coronavirus. The real story will be what happens once Trump recovers. 

What a storyline it will be if he recovers and makes some amazing comments about how he defeated the virus and as a country we will defeat the virus. The other thing to watch is what happens if Biden were to get the virus. Will the media call for delaying the election? Only time will tell. 

Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.